DoorstepXtra® utilizes the state of art technology to collect,
route and deliver your packages in the most secure
and reliable form.

Daily Scheduled Delivery

Our reliable, friendly drivers deliver your packages in the most secure and trusted way. All drivers are
HIPPA/Certified and background checked. We are your licensed and insured logistic solution to expand
your business and to improve efficiency and profits.

Mobile Solution

We utilize the latest technology to provide all relevant information to our customers such as signature confirmation, image confirmation along with text and voice capability to provide a real-time update.

    • Cost Effective
      Our State-of-the-art platform optimizes and routes delivery in the most cost effective and
      efficient manner
    • Reduced Liability
      Reduce your exposure to liability with DoorstepXtra®
    • Geolocation Tracking
      Our system pin points your package and records the position for the delivery in real time
    • Delivery Confirmation
      DoorstepXtra® electronically captures and stores your customer’s signature and the image of
      the product being delivered. You can view confirmation of the delivery for up to 30 days.

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In-House Delivery

Daily Scheduled Delivery
New Fleet of Vehicles
HIPPA/Certified Trained Drivers:
Background Checked
Geolocation Tracking:
State-of-the-art Software
Delivery Confirmation
Cost Effective/Efficient:
Low Monthly Fee
No Hidden Costs
Expand Your Market:
Broaden Your Customer Base
Social Media Marketing:
Create Market Awareness
Customer Referrals:
Attain New Customers
Mobile App
Reduced Liability:
Licensed and Insured
Web-Based Portal:
Automated Routing &
Ordering Platform
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